Routine Dental Cleanings & Exams in Wilmington, NC

Following an oral hygiene routine at home can prevent decay or other dental issues from developing. But routine visits to our office can ensure that your oral health stays excellent. Whether you’re due for your bi-annual visit or would like extra cleaning, our team at Gregory B Garrett, DDS, is happy to care for your smile. To schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam, give our office a call at your convenience!

What is an exam and cleaning?

A dental exam and cleaning tend to occur in the same appointment, though they serve two different purposes. A dental exam provides the dentist with a thorough look at your teeth, mouth, and throat. This routine exam allows our dentist to thoroughly identify current or potential oral issues like tooth decay or gum disease. The dental cleaning provides our hygienist the chance to remove build-up on your teeth, go over your hygiene routine with you, and answer any concerns you may have about your oral health.

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How often do I need a cleaning and exam?

The American Dental Association recommends a routine dental cleaning and exam every six months, typically making these appointments happen twice a year. However, some patients with oral health risks such as gum disease, tooth decay, or weak teeth may require more frequent dental checkups. When you come in for your dental cleaning and exam, our team will determine and suggest how often and how many visits will benefit your oral health.

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What if I haven’t had an exam or cleaning in many years?

Some unfortunate circumstances prevent patients from keeping up with routine dental checkups. If it’s been years since you’ve had an exam or dental cleaning, then your oral health may be at risk. At Gregory B. Garrett, DDS, we welcome patients of all ages for cleanings and exams. We also strive to make our care affordable. We accept multiple payment methods and offer an in-house dental membership plan. If financing your dental exam and cleaning is a concern, visit our financial page or give our office a call. We’re happy to help get you the care you need!