Protect Your Smile and Oral Health with Customized Mouthguards

Although at-home oral hygiene alongside regular dental exams is good for a healthy mouth, sometimes you need more than standard care to protect your smile. Wilmington Smiles offers customized mouthguards to guard your teeth and gums against sports injuries and teeth grinding. If you want to include a mouthguard in your dental care regimen, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory Garrett.

Our mouthguard options

When you need a mouthguard, you can count on Wilmington Smiles for durable, effective appliances. These are the mouthguard solutions you can find in our office.

  • TMJ mouthguard: Some patients wake up with unexplained headaches and jaw soreness or feel tired despite many hours of sleep. Usually, these discomforts are caused by TMJ-related pain, often caused by nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism). A nightguard fits over your teeth to prevent the upper and lower teeth from meeting, reducing strain on the jaw muscles and joints. 
  • Athletic sportsguard: Whether an amateur, weekend warrior, or professional athlete, you can suffer injuries to your teeth, gums, and other oral structures during sports. However, sports injuries shouldn’t stop you from participating in the game you love. Our office offers custom-fitted athletic mouthguards to protect your smile from sports-related injuries. While sportguards can benefit anyone, they are a must-have for contact and high-risk sports like boxing, skating, rugby, skiing, football, etc. 

While you can buy a generic mouthguard off the shelf, you won’t get the protection you need. In fact, an ill-fitting mouthguard may cause more harm than good. Our office provides customized dental guards after taking impressions of your teeth and gums. Our mouthguards snugly fit in your mouth, offering maximum comfort and protection. 

Benefits of personalized mouthguards

Your smile is unique, and so should be your treatment. Instead of generic mouthguards, we offer customized appliances only created to fit your smile. Custom-fitted mouthguards provide numerous benefits, including.

  • Superior protection from injuries, whether from bruxism or sports 
  • Maximum comfort to allow normal breathing and talking when in the mouth
  • They are created from high-quality materials for durability
  • Our quality materials are made from plastic free from BPA and other toxic substances

Protect your smile today with our premium mouthguards

When you need a mouthguard in Wilmington, NC, feel free to contact us anytime by dialing (910) 208-6721. Choosing our office means you’ll leave feeling confident that your mouthguard is designed to protect your oral health and safeguard your smile.